About Us


Our production is equipped with modern production lines and machinery brands. Through years of business and follow European trends, current production is based on the production of PVC & ALU carpentry and other associated products and equipment world renowned manufacturers: Kömmerling, Aliplast, Feal, Winkhaus.

In our business we always try to answer the most specific requirements of our customers, to keep a high level of quality in the manufacturing and assembly, and also we give great importance to the agreed terms of delivery and thus keep the confidence of our respected customers.

Why Bossan?

We are able to perform almost all the required forms and functions of windows and doors. We are also able to realize all of the carefully crafted offers with advice from our experts, professional surveying, construction, removal of your old windows and doors, installation, transport and ecological treatment of of your old windows and doors, and even masonry treatment after modifications .

From the above it is clear that the company Bossan doo right choice for furnishing your new home or office space, but also to change your old windows and doors.

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